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Dasra is India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation bringing together philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to build an ecosystem that creates large scale social change. globalislocal collaborated with a group of Indian philanthropists to fund an initiative to prevent and cure infant malnutrition in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai.
Landesa partners with governments and local organizations to secure land rights for the world's poorest people. globalislocal's funding will help destitute widows and single mothers in rural India to obtain rights to land they can live on and farm, giving them security and the opportunity to improve their family's income, nutrition, and health.
Living Goods
Living Goods empowers micro-entrepreneurs to deliver life-changing products to the doorsteps of the poor in rural Africa. Their sustainable distribution platform is designed to fight poverty and disease in the developing world by fostering entrepreneurship and improving access to lifesaving medicines and preventative awareness.
One Acre Fund
One Acre Fund (OAF) focuses on empowering the world's poorest farmers, particularly in Kenya and Rwanda, to increase their yield and income. globalislocal has partnered with OAF to expand their work into several new regions in Rwanda.
Root Capital
Root Capital is a social investment fund pioneering finance for small and growing businesses in developing countries. Through its innovative lending model, Root is creating a new class of capital, enabling small businesses to drive sustainable development and poverty alleviation in rural communities in the developing world. globalislocal has partnered with Root by investing Permanent Loan Capital to seed a new initiative targeting women-centered enterprises in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.
VisionSpring is a micro-franchise supply chain offering affordable eyeglasses and simple cataract operations to the poor. Their mission is to help people improve their livelihoods by overcoming the adage "if you can't see, you can't work or learn".

prior years' portfolio spotlight

Acumen Fund
Acumen is a non-profit venture fund using entrepreneurial approaches to deliver affordable health, housing, agriculture, and energy to the billions of poor lacking access to these essential goods and services. globalislocal has partnered with Acumen by investing in its Agriculture and Energy Portfolios.
Ashoka identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs as the most effective means to drive social change. Social entrepreneurs are individuals with systems-changing models addressing society's greatest challenges. globalislocal has partnered with Ashoka by funding Ashoka Fellows working in the fields of economic development and the environment.
Global Fund for Children
Global Fund for Children (GFC) builds the capacity of grassroots organizations - developed by and operating in local communities - to address issues of basic education and vocational skills, safety, and health for vulnerable children worldwide.globalislocal has partnered with GFC in support of rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Global Fund for Women
Global Fund for Women (GFW) advocates for women's full equality and participation in society worldwide as essential to ensuring a more just and sustainable world by making grants to women-led organizations working on economic security, health, safety, education, and leadership of women and girls.globalislocal has partnered with GFW by funding grassroots organizations working with women in conflict and post-conflict regions.
Partners in Health
Partners In Health (PIH) has developed an innovative model for the delivery of quality health care in resource-poor settings. It is patient-centered, community-based, and has revitalized entire communities. One of the key elements of PIH's success is the recruitment, training, and employment of Community Health Workers (CHWs). globalislocal has partnered with PIH by investing in the training of 600 CHWs in Rwanda as part of a public-private partnership demonstrating the efficacy of CHWs in achieving large-scale improved health outcomes.
Pro Mujer
Pro Mujer (PM) works with Latin America's poorest women to build economic security for themselves and greater opportunity for their families via access to microfinance, business and personal development training, and health care. Integral to PM's work is the belief that empowerment of women is essential to ending poverty and improving the lives of the most marginalized and impoverished families in Latin America.globalislocal has partnered with PM to expand and open new microfinance centers in Argentina and Nicaragua.
Room to Read
Room to Read (RtoR) works to break the cycle of poverty one child at a time by partnering with local communities throughout the developing world to establish schools, libraries, and computer labs. RtoR also creates local language children's literature, and provides access to education to girls through its scholarship program.globalislocal has partnered with RtoR by funding long-term girls scholarships providing primary and secondary education for girls who otherwise would not be able to attend school.
TechnoServe (TNS) works with entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world to build businesses that create income and opportunity for their families, communities, and countries. TNS focuses not only on developing entrepreneurs, but also on building businesses and industries, and improving the business environment within the countries TNS works. globalislocal has partnered with TNS by funding a Business Plan Competition in Chile, by providing unrestricted funding for core support, and by developing business service infrastructure in Tanzania to strengthen small and medium sized enterprises.
Wello improves access to clean water for India's rural poor. Their innovative water wheel design increases the effectiveness of water procurement and transportation, thereby freeing up valuable time for women and children which can be devoted to more productive activities like increasing income, promoting family health, and attending school.
Video and online technologies bring stories of injustice from around the world to light... and enable individuals to convert their personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice and policy change. Examples of WITNESS partners' work include: advocating for the rights of indigenous people; for an end to systemic gender violence and the use of children as soldiers; and for environmental protection where human communities are at stake. globalislocal partnered with WITNESS to fund a documentary film bringing to focus the intersecting issues of environment, indigenous communities, and resource extraction in Bolivia.

What Our Colleagues Say

"globalislocal is a gem! It is a community-based model that encourages and enables caring individuals to make highly-leveraged investments in positive social change."
- Bill Drayton
  Founder and CEO, Ashoka

"The globalislocal Fund is an innovative model of strategic philanthropy. By leveraging the combined power of individuals with a results-oriented investment process, globalislocal is able to select and support organizations creating real impact with solutions to global poverty."
- Jacqueline Novogratz
  Founder and CEO, Acumen Fund

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