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Elizabeth Wallace Ellers is Founder & Managing Partner of The globalislocal Fund, an award-winning educational and funding vehicle investing in solutions to poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Inspired by her own philanthropic journey spanning two decades and five continents, Liz designed globalislocal to drive educated, aggregated capital to pressing development issues by making highly effective social investing accessible, relevant and meaningful to both individuals and foundations. She has served as advisor, partner and board member in the fields of economic development, education, and leadership. She is a member of the Advisory Committee of The Philanthropy Workshop, of which she is an alumna. Liz has received the Philanthropic Vision Award for her work with the Collaborative Fund for Women's Economic Development and the New Generation Philanthropist Award for creating The globalislocal Fund.

In her prior life, Liz was an investment banker. She holds an MBA from Columbia University, a BA in International Relations from UCLA and studied Economics and International Development at Universidade de Sao Paulo. She has lived in Brazil and Mexico.


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