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what we do

We created because we believe that individuals don't just matter; rather, individuals are essential to the advancement of a more prosperous and secure world.

is designed to provide donors seamless access to solutions to extreme poverty in the developing world.

Together we are constructing The globalislocal Fund Portfolio by investing in the essentials for a productive life such as: access to economic opportunity, education, health, water, energy, gender equity, environmental stability, and civil society…

all of the things each one of us needs to take care of ourselves and our families.

globalislocal recognizes, however, that many philanthropists - regardless of size or sophistication - may perceive global issues as overwhelming, international funding as complex, and may not appreciate their ability to achieve measurable impact on issues about which they care. So...

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how we do it

makes strategic global philanthropy accessible by identifying, vetting, and investing philanthropic capital in organizations and initiatives creating greater life opportunity and increasing basic human security for poor women, children, and men in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

We provide smart, results-oriented, strategic opportunities through our annual speaker series. Each year several leading social innovators are invited to make presentations to globalislocal. At the end of each year we decide which investments will be added to our portfolio. Our grants are targeted investments in social change and we require annual impact reports on all investments - which then inform the next round of investments.

Seamless access... Transformational results.

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